IQAIR Atem Car Air Purifier

Protect yourself and your passengers

The air in your car contains a cocktail of toxic fumes and gases that are potentially harmful to your health and the health of those you love. Now more than ever, we need to protect ourselves and our passengers from the air bourne covid – 19 virus. Masks worn in the car are simply not enough. We need to be assured that the air in our vehicles is VIRUS FREE AIR. The Atem Car air purifier and its revolutionary HyperHEPA Plus filter use HEPA air filtration technology tested and certified to capture a wide range of in-cabin air pollutants, all in a sleek, compact housing designed to blend into any vehicle cabin. Carry passengers safe in the knowledge that they feel safe.

Clean air for your vehicles 

Effective against the corona virus, the Atem Car Air Purifier allows you to protect yourself and your passengers from harmful air. 

Superior Filtration

Atem Car’s HyperHEPA Plus filter provides the best solution for in-cabin gas and odour elimination, removing 99% of particle pollutants and adsorbing odour and gas molecules – the result is air that’s free of virus, odours, gases, chemicals, and particles.

Advanced Multi-Stage Filtration

Each IQAir® model features a patented modular housing which allows the system to be equipped with the most effective filtration technologies for specific air quality needs. Only the most efficient and reliable lter media are selected by IQAir® to guarantee powerful and reliable long-term performance even for the most demanding and critical applications.

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