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Cleanroom H13

Cleanroom Series Professional Control of Airborne Microorganisms and Particulate Matter

Whether your priority is to manage airborne pathogens and protect the health of medical staff and patients, or to maintain a cleanroom environment that meets robust international manufacturing standards, our range of industry leading products provides you with the optimum air purification solution.

The IQAir Cleanroom Series is engineered to cleanse the air of viruses, microorganisms and bacteria that are among the leading causes of hospital-acquired infections and even death in immunocompromised patients.

Medical Applications:

  • Protective isolation rooms
  • ICUs
  • Burn units
  • Operating rooms
  • Organ transplant wards
  • Oncology wards
  • Research, IVF & microbiology labs
  • TB isolation & anterooms

Commercial Applications:

  • FDA-required “controlled environments”
  • Medical device manufacturing & packaging
  • Food processing & packaging
  • Air locks
  • Cleanroom gowning rooms
  • Critical data storage facilities
  • Computer & server rooms


Particulate Matter

The IQAir® Cleanroom Series offers a range of portable, self-contained HEPA air filtration systems designed to meet airborne infection control and particulate contamination challenges in critical indoor environments.

IQAir® systems filter the air by recirculation or by creating true positive or negative pressure environments with special IQAir® ducting adaptors.

Each Cleanroom model AND each HyperHEPA® replacement filter is individually tested and certified to guarantee actual filtration efficiency.

The superior filtration efficiency, versatility and mobility make the IQAir® Cleanroom Series the most advanced and cost-effective line of mobile air filtration systems available today.

Professional Control of Airborne Microorganisms

The IQAir® Cleanroom Series consists of three high-performance air cleaning models (Cleanroom 100, 250 and H13). Each model is specifically designed for the removal of solid and liquid airborne particles and aerosols. Due to their certified and guaranteed high filtration efficiency, the systems are predominantly used for airborne infection control in health-care settings and for the control of particulate matter in cleanroom type applications.

While all 3 Cleanroom models focus on the filtration of airborne liquid and solid particulate matter, the Cleanroom 250 also removes a wide spectrum of gaseous contaminants and odours with its V5-CellTM filter. The H13 is the largest of the 3 models, offering the largest pre-filter surface area (i.e. longest pre-filter life) and the highest air delivery rate. Each system features antimicrobial pre and Hyper HEPA® filters, as well as anti-tampering arm-locks that prevent the system from being opened by unauthorised personnel.

Individually Tested and Certified

To guarantee superior performance, the Swiss manufacturers have taken an uncompromising approach: Each IQAir® HEPA system is individually tested for filtration efficiency and air delivery. The actual test results are documented on a numbered test certificate supplied with each system.

Positive and Negative Pressure Environments

Each IQAir® Cleanroom system can clean the air by recirculation, or can be connected to special IQAir® ducting adaptors to create positive and negative pressure environments. Pressure differentials are particularly beneficial when the containment of harmful microorganisms and particles or the protective isolation of immuno-compromised patients is required.

Advanced Controls

The sophisticated control features of IQAir® systems include a microchip controlled filter-life monitor that calculates the remaining filter life, taking actual use and contamination levels into account. An integrated timer allows the system to be programmed to switch on and off at the desired times on the desired weekdays. The patented IQAir® housing design permits quick and safe replacement of individual filter elements without any tools. For added convenience, each IQAir® system can be operated via remote control. If floor space is limited, a special bracket (VMFTM) is available that allows the IQAir® system to be wall-mounted.

World's No. 1 HEPA Air Cleaning Systems for 50 years


Minimum Efficiency

PHMB Component used successfully for 40 years

IQAir® - The World’s No. 1 HEPA Air Cleaning Systems for Airborne Infection Control

For over 50 years, INCEN AG of Switzerland (a member of The IQAir Group) has been an industry leader for indoor air quality and hygiene. In the 1990s, the IQAir product line was developed which is now recognised as the world’s premier range of mobile high-efficiency air cleaning systems. Leading institutions around the world are relying on IQAir to protect against airborne infectious diseases, toxic chemicals and particulate contaminants.
IQAir’s particular strength lies in providing cost-effective decentralised airborne infection control solutions for hospital and professional health-care applications. The IQAir Cleanroom Series is the dedicated IQAir product line for advanced airborne infection and particulate control.

Why Choose the Cleanroom Series?

The key reasons why IQAir systems are the No.1 choice of world leading medical and research institutions:

In an independent research study published in February 2010 in the American Journal of Infection Control, it was shown that IQAir HyperHEPA® systems reduced the rate of invasive aspergillosis infections by 50%. The research was conducted by a team of doctors and scientists at Singapore General Hospital. They concluded that IQAir systems are an effective and powerful tool for hospital infection control, and that the deployment of IQAir will enable hospitals to realise massive cost savings by reducing infection rates:

“Compared with patients without IA [invasive apergillosis], patients with IA have an average excess duration of hospitalization of 12.3 days and an excess cost of $ 51’779. Thus, the deployment of [IQAir] portable HEPA units is a very cost-effective strategy.”

In view of the fact that invasive aspergillosis is often fatal, with mortality rates ranging from 30% to 95%, and the enormous costs associated with the treatment, IQAir systems can save lives as well as costs.

The HyperHEPA® filter of the IQAir Cleanroom models has been tested and classified in accordance with the world’s most stringent filter test norm for HEPA filters – European Norm EN 1822. The awarded “H13” classification means that the IQAir Cleanroom systems have an absolute minimum efficiency of 99.95%, even for the tiniest and most infectious particles known to mankind.

The outstanding filtration efficiency of IQAir’s HyperHEPA filter for removal of microorganisms (such as spores, bacteria and viruses) has been tested and verified by the British Government’s Health Protection Agency.

In a British research study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection in April 2006, it was shown that the use of an IQAir Cleanroom system significantly reduced (by 75% to 93%) the environmental MRSA contamination within the patient rooms, thus reducing the risk of MRSA spreading and infecting other patients.

In response to the SARS crisis, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority selected IQAir as the only mobile air filtration solution for SARS patient rooms to protect staff, visitors and patients. Over 150 hospitals, clinics and health-care centres in Hong Kong have been equipped with IQAir systems since 2003.

Each IQAir model is individually tested and certified for actual filtration efficiency and actual air delivery. The individual test results are recorded on a hand-signed Certificate of Performance supplied with the IQAir system. This provides total quality assurance for critical applications. The HyperHEPA replacement filters of the IQAir Cleanroom models are also individually tested and certified to ensure continuing high-efficiency performance after filter replacement.

IQAir systems can be deployed as stand-alone air cleaners, or may be attached to optional OutFlowTM and InFlowTM ducting adaptors to create negative pressure (containment) or positive pressure (protective) isolation environments in a matter of minutes. The creation of pressure differentials is by far the most effective way to limit the airborne spread of infectious particles within buildings.

IQAir systems are registered with the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) as a Class II Medical Device.

The outstanding filtration efficiency of IQAir Cleanroom systems can be impressively demonstrated in real-life applications with the use of professional airborne particle counters (e.g. ParticleScan). These instruments objectively prove that IQAir Cleanroom systems actually remove all particles down to a size of 0.3 microns (i.e. 3 times smaller than Mycobacterium tuberculosis) with over 99.97% efficiency.

. Every IQAir Cleanroom Series air cleaning system is equipped with antimicrobial PreMaxTM and HyperHEPA® filter media for advanced infection control. The antimicrobial filter surface acts as a contact bactericide and thus provides an additional barrier against airborne microorganisms that are captured by the filter. The active component PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide) has been used successfully for more than four decades and is incorporated in a wide variety of disinfection products, such as liquid hard surface disinfectants, antimicrobial hand soaps, wound dressings and in disinfectants for medical device sterilisation. PHMB is active against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRE.

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