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Manage airborne pathogens, protect the health of family, staff, patients and customers. Peace of mind at last with the IQAIR mobile air quality monitor.

AirVisual Pro
World’s smartest air quality monitor.
Know what’s in your air anytime, anywhere with the AirVisual Pro. It’s the most accurate, affordable, portable air monitor ever created. Take it everywhere you go.

Professional grade sensors
Advanced laser technology provides highly accurate readings of tiny fine particles (PM2.5) – all the way down to 0.3 microns.

Take measurements anytime, anywhere using AirVisual Pro’s internal battery and data-storage capability.

Download your data wirelessly, or access it through via the AirVisual website or mobile app for analysis.

Smart-home integration.
Link your AirVisual Pro with all your connected home technology.
Set up alerts about air quality changes for your smartphone. Take immediate action when air quality does not meet your standards.

IQAIR Air Visual Monitor

Schools and colleges

Cleanroom Series 

Cleanroom Series Professional Control of Airborne Microorganisms and Particulate Matter

With social distancing the new normal, there is an enormous challenge for our children when returning to school and college.

Creating and maintaining healthful air quality in schools presents a unique challenge.

A complex mix of indoor and outdoor air pollutants can compromise the learning environment and cause concern about the health and comfort of students and staff. IQAir has extensive experience in providing schools with effective air cleaning solutions to address a wide variety of air pollution issues as well as corona virus.

Air quality in schools Children are particularly vulnerable to toxic air contaminants. Not only are their breathing rates higher in relation to their body weight, their lung development is directly affected by air pollution. Exposure to polluted air during these developing years leads to decreased respiratory function later in life. Increasing reports of asthma, which is one of the leading causes of absenteeism among school age children, have been directly linked to elevated air pollution exposure. Recent data also suggest that poor indoor air quality may directly reduce a person’s ability to perform specific mental tasks requiring concentration, calculation or memory.

The IQAir Cleanroom Series is engineered to cleanse the air of viruses, microorganisms and bacteria and most importantly in these challenging times is effective against corona virus.

IQAIR Cleanroom 100

IQAIR Cleanroom 250

IQAIR Cleanroom 250
Particulate Matter

The IQAir® Cleanroom Series offers a range of portable, self-contained HEPA air filtration systems designed to meet airborne infection control and particulate contamination challenges in critical indoor environments.

IQAir® systems filter the air by recirculation or by creating true positive or negative pressure environments with special IQAir® ducting adaptors.

Each Cleanroom model AND each HyperHEPA® replacement filter is individually tested and certified to guarantee actual filtration efficiency.

The superior filtration efficiency, versatility and mobility make the IQAir® Cleanroom Series the most advanced and cost-effective line of mobile air filtration systems available today.

Professional Control of Airborne Microorganisms

The IQAir® Cleanroom Series consists of three high-performance air cleaning models (Cleanroom 100, 250 and H13). Each model is specifically designed for the removal of solid and liquid airborne particles and aerosols. Due to their certified and guaranteed high filtration efficiency, the systems are predominantly used for airborne infection control in health-care settings and for the control of particulate matter in cleanroom type applications.

While all 3 Cleanroom models focus on the filtration of airborne liquid and solid particulate matter, the Cleanroom 250 also removes a wide spectrum of gaseous contaminants and odours with its V5-CellTM filter. The H13 is the largest of the 3 models, offering the largest pre-filter surface area (i.e. longest pre-filter life) and the highest air delivery rate. Each system features antimicrobial pre and Hyper HEPA® filters, as well as anti-tampering arm-locks that prevent the system from being opened by unauthorised personnel.

Individually Tested and Certified

To guarantee superior performance, the Swiss manufacturers have taken an uncompromising approach: Each IQAir® HEPA system is individually tested for filtration efficiency and air delivery. The actual test results are documented on a numbered test certificate supplied with each system.

Positive and Negative Pressure Environments

Each IQAir® Cleanroom system can clean the air by recirculation, or can be connected to special IQAir® ducting adaptors to create positive and negative pressure environments. Pressure differentials are particularly beneficial when the containment of harmful microorganisms and particles or the protective isolation of immuno-compromised patients is required.

Advanced Controls

The sophisticated control features of IQAir® systems include a microchip controlled filter-life monitor that calculates the remaining filter life, taking actual use and contamination levels into account. An integrated timer allows the system to be programmed to switch on and off at the desired times on the desired weekdays. The patented IQAir® housing design permits quick and safe replacement of individual filter elements without any tools. For added convenience, each IQAir® system can be operated via remote control. If floor space is limited, a special bracket (VMFTM) is available that allows the IQAir® system to be wall-mounted.

IQAir® - The World’s No. 1 HEPA Air Cleaning Systems for Airborne Infection Control

For over 50 years, INCEN AG of Switzerland (a member of The IQAir Group) has been an industry leader for indoor air quality and hygiene. In the 1990s, the IQAir product line was developed which is now recognised as the world’s premier range of mobile high-efficiency air cleaning systems. Leading institutions around the world are relying on IQAir to protect against airborne infectious diseases, toxic chemicals and particulate contaminants.
IQAir’s particular strength lies in providing cost-effective decentralised airborne infection control solutions for school and college applications. The IQAir Cleanroom Series is the dedicated IQAir product line for advanced airborne infection and particulate control.

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